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From June 1st to June 18th, 2021

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Pre-conference workshops*
Pre-Conference Workshop 1: The implications of psychological wounding in children & adolescents during the COVID-19 pandemic - from an EMDR perspective
Susan Darker-Smith, Child Trauma Therapy Centre, UK

Pre-Conference Workshop 2: Treating posttraumatic stress disorder remotely with cognitive therapy for PTSD
Prof. Anke Ehlers, University of Oxford, UK

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* Please note: you can only attend the pre-conference workshops in combination with a full conference registration.

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Rate B is for Low Income Countries. Rate B applies to every country that is not listed under rate A.


The Virtual Conference ESTSS 2021 partners with national trauma societies to provide accreditation / credit points for attending the virtual conference. Please indicate your interest in obtaining accreditation when registering for the conference via Each partnering national trauma society will organise the accreditation process for different professional organisations / associations in their respective country. Further information on those organisations and the accreditation process in the respective countries can be found at

Cancellation and refund policy

All requests for cancellations and / or refunds must be received in writing at the Conference Secretariat by May 28th, 2021. These refunds will be processed, minus a € 25,00 fee, after the Virtual Conference ESTSS 2021. Refund requests received after May 28th, 2021, will not be processed.

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